Buzzards Bay Film Festival

Buzzards Bay Film Festival

The Green Slime
11 AM, Nov. 11
Zeiterion Theatre, New Bedford

After a perilous mission to a huge asteroid, a crew returns to its space station, unaware a bit of ooze from the asteroid clings to a crewman’s uniform. The green goop grows – into murderous, tentacled monsters. And as station members fight to live, gunk from the monsters’ wounds turns into more monsters!
Critic Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times called the over-the-top Green Slime “one of the funniest made-in-Japan sci-fi monster movies ever.” Kinji Fukasaku, whose later work was championed by Quentin Tarantino, directs.

But The Green Slime is also memorable for two more reasons.
It shows us the actor Robert Dunham, an American ex-pat who appeared in a number of Japan’s most famous monster movies. Dunham, now buried in the National Military Cemetery in Bourne, is one of the Buzzards Bay watershed’s most interesting and unsung film figures.

And the ovoid Green Slime monsters plaguing outer space are the spitting image of an invading pest found in our own Buzzards Bay, the algae Cochlodinium polikrikoides, a microscopic phytoplankton that has been spreading and clouding our waters every summer for the last seven years.

Buzzards Bay Film Festival