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Don Burton

Don is a creative director and editor working in the entertainment industry He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth `97. Raised in Massachusetts' South Coast, Don journeyed to Los Angeles in 1998 and has strived to bridge the coasts by returning for projects yearly Along with a dedicated group of communications professionals on both coasts, he co-founded the new media, film and arts initiative, which sponsors events that connect creative communities and encourage cross-pollination between fields.

Don has worked with The Post Studio in Manhattan Beach, California for eight years, specializing in new media and video driven promotional campaigns. They are presently working with UMass Dartmouth to produce a second season of the New Faces of UMass Dartmouth video series.

Dan Harple

Dan Harple is the Managing Partner of Shamrock Ventures, BV, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  He's committed his career to real time interactive communications and has been a seminal influence on Voice over IP (VoIP), streaming media, and interactive screen sharing/shared whiteboards. He's been behind core technology and a range of patents that are some of the most cited in patent documents for VoIP, media streaming, real time web communications, collaborative computing, and location-based social media.  If you use Skype, GoToMeeting, or YouTube, among others, Dan's technology and its pioneering influence has touched your life. 

He was the co-founder and Chairman & CEO of InSoft, a company that merged  with Netscape Communications Corp. in 1995. The merger brought the first commercial VoIP products, audio/video, streaming media servers, and standards for realtime media to the Internet, the first realtime web platform, including RTSP (which is used daily by millions for web video).  After Netscape, Dan collaborated with artist/musician/inventor Todd Rundgren, with their Context Labs venture, on real time interactive artist technologies, Patronet. Dan was founder and Chairman & CEO of Context Media. Acquired by Oracle in 2005, the deal formed the basis of Oracle's "big data" collaborative search, "Fusion."  In 2006, he co-founded and was Chairman & CEO of gypssi, which now provides the location-based social media engine driving China's fastest growing Twitter-like microblog, Sina Weibo.

He has received numerous awards, including Inc. Magazines' Entrepreneur of the Year, the Red Herring Watch Award, the Upside Hot Startup Award, the University of Rhode Island's Alumni Excellence Award for Contributions to Science and Technology, and the NEA Presidents Award. 

Nick Francis

A native of Dartmouth. Massachusetts, Nick Francis is the Massachusetts-based Chief Visionary Officer (CVO), Creative Director and Founder of Franchise Studios.Francis brings many assets to the design process including proficiency in web, film & motion graphics, print, new media and social media as well as an affinity to embrace new collaborative processes and technologies.
Francis' passion for film and video have resulted in multiple appearances in the Short Films Corner at the Cannes Film Festival as well as la galerie bleue, the Red Gallery and Siggraph. He has also worked with clients like webMethods (now Software AG) to design and edit a video that was projected on the outside of the Nasdaq Building in Times Square.
 Currently Francis is involved in a documentary about Azorean Whalers. Telling their story first hand is very important to understanding where they came from, how they made a living and the long lasting bond these men had with the sea.


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