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The Green Slime
Kinji Fukasaku

After a perilous mission to a huge asteroid, a crew returns to its space station, unaware a bit of ooze from the asteroid clings to a crewman’s uniform. The green goop grows – into murderous, tentacled monsters. The Green Slime features the actor Robert Dunham, an American ex-pat who appeared in some of Japan’s best-known monster movies. Now buried in the national military cemetery in Bourne, Dunham is one of Buzzards Bay own. And The Green Slime monsters bear an uncanny resemblance to the rusty tide that has plagued Buzzards Bay for the past seven summers.

Tom O’Brien
New York City

New Hampshire Film Festival - Best Feature
Independent Film Festival Boston – Audience Award

Three high school buddies, now in their mid-thirties, reunite and struggle with their hopes, dreams, and the direction of their lives. Shot in Fairhaven in the winter of 2011, this will be the film’s local premiere.
Cast: Chris Messina, Rich Sommer, Tom O’Brien, Sarah Paulson


Into the Gyre
Scott Elliott

Scinema Film Festival, Australia – Best Picture
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival – Best Environmental Film
Film Festival of Colorado – Best Environmental Film

Thirty-three scientists and sailors collect, count, and archive plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Gyre during a five-week journey to the Sargasso Sea. On board a 135-foot tall ship operated by Falmouth’s Sea Education Association, the film closely follows the research and examines the history of plastics, its adverse ocean impacts, and possible solutions to this problem. 


SHORT FILMS:           

Andrea’s Cellphone Dreams
Andrea Bonsignore

Andrea’s cellphone contest entries tapped an unexpected lode of inspiration.

Saturday, 8 PM, Gallery X, New Bedford

Call Me Herman
Tom Gidwitz

A off-beat biography of Herman Melville.
Cast: Marc St. Pierre, Sarah Morse, Dan Perry, Chris White, Peter Smith


Cellphone Cinema Shoot the Summer 2012

Andrea Bonsignore
Hermano DaSilva
Dan DiLeonardo
Sebastian Ebarb
Tom Gidwitz
Ralph Joseph
Roger Masson

A select compilation of entries and winners of the Buzzards Bay Film Festival’s Shoot the Summer 2012 cellphone video contest.

Cheating Death
John Whoriskey
Tommy Whalen
New Bedford

After multiple "incidents" of killing the wrong people, Death must compensate for the loss of life by talking a suicidal man out of killing himself or risk losing his job.
Cast: Alan Dary, Martin James Goldrick, Tracy Oliverio Clarke, Eric Paradis, Tim Goff

Dziad I Baba
Basia Goszczynska

Woods Hole Film Festival - Audience Choice: Best Short Animation

A stop motion animated short that tells the story of two soul mates who fight their fears of death and loneliness. A dark comedy based on a Polish fable by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski, it features characters created from found natural materials and scavenged wood and Styrofoam.


Chris Hassan
New Bedford

While writing his Christmas list, young Cameron stumbles onto a television program that will change his life forever.
Cast: Ryan Michney, James Roy, Raleigh Dugal, Chris Hassan

It’s Cool
John Whoriskey
Tommy Whalen
New Bedford

The passive aggressive comment, the long-winded fight in front of your mother's house, the absurd memories and the quiet aftermath; all the fixings of the pointless argument.  Couples beware in this short film that draws a fine line between truth and comedy.
Cast: Tommy Whalen, Caroline Cuccia


Kirby Allen Animation
Kirby Allen

I Don’t Love You Any More and Eye: Two very short films, straight from the heart.




My Grandma’s Tattoo
Miranda Harple

New York Media Industry News Editorial and Design Awards -- Best Video Program (Online)

A documentary: When grandma Phyllis noted the tattoo of an anchor on her daughter Caren’s foot, her  response was exactly the opposite of what Caren had expected. “I really like that. I’m going to get it,” she simply said. Caren knew her mother was sentimental about the sea, but never thought she’d be inspired to get her own tattoo. She’s a proper New England woman, after all.

Donald Marcus

Boston International Film Festival -- IIndie Spirit Award for Special Recognition
Boston International Film Festival -- Best Cinematography
Best Shorts -- Award of Excellence
Woods Hole Film Festival -- Best Narrative Short Nomination

Patrimony focuses on a critical moment in the relationship between an elderly man and his daughter-in-law following the unexpected death of his son/her husband.
Cast: Robert Vaughn, Melissa Errico

Kim Berry
Leni Stoeva

A meditation on the hidden gestures that bring a work of art to life.


Retina Regeneration
Harvey Goldman

Drawing on the pioneering research of the filmmaker’s brother, University of Michigan Professor Daniel Goldman, Retina Regeneration uses computer animation to take viewers deep into the injured eye of a zebra fish and shows how the damaged eye heals itself.


Troy Henriksen

A metaphysical narrative of a man released from prison after a 32-year term. As he struggles to find his footing in the strange world outside the walls, he seeks redemption, peace, and a path to follow. Shot in New Bedford, Dartmouth, and Westport.
Cast: Troy Henriksen, Victor Henriksen, Aline Cochard, Lucas Fox

The Ancient Mariner
Michael Burton
Lincoln, Nebraska

Told through the lush technique that Burton calls “paintamation,” this interpretation of the famed poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge explores how whalers and sailors, old and new, have left their impact on the earth.


The Comet
Don Burton
New Bedford

A tribute and a recreation of the beloved roller coaster in Dartmouth’s Lincoln Park.


The Day
Hortense Gerardo
Davide Bevilacqua
Emma Miriam Berentsen
Francesca Leoni
Daria Pascal Atolini
Zofia Smolarska

Originally designed for six iPhones, but presentable on an array of six mounted iPads or a projected computer screen, the 24-minute The Day shows a day in the life of  the world through the eyes of six international filmmakers, in an assemblage of one-minute clips taken in each of the day’s 24 hours.


Whale Fall
Sharon Shattuck
Flora Lichtman

San Francisco Ocean Film Festival – Best Short
A short paper cut-out animation depicting what happens to a dead whale after it falls to the sea floor – consumption by strange creatures and dissolution in the sea.

Walk With Me
Ben Gilbarg
New Bedford

A Tour of New Bedford through real hip hop, led by participants in the New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park’s Youth Ambassador Program.
Cast: Jared Duarte, Jasmine Guerrero, Dakota Lopes, Dereck Hunt, Jaquan Gilchrist, Christian Garris


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